'Novel': this way the author defines his work. And really there are all the ingredients of the novel: situations that change or overlap, lost places (maybe) and found again, various characters, different feelings, psychological analysis, and, ultimately, the final that concludes and justifies the story. But there is much more. A 'book' that describes (or alludes), stimulates, clarifies or suggests, leads to action or to research, in the same time that impresses or frightens. Endless places, times, characters (but are they truly characters?). Places that are not places, but appearances; times that are not measurable, but instants, or duration of things and visions and thoughts. The 'figure' of this novel is not the 'vision' of the real or the characters, or the psychological analysis. It is the question, the research, the finding of what can or will be, that perhaps was; it is the conviction that what has not a firm structure, stable, clear, but a possible 'figure', elusive, complex, mysterious and elusive. 'There is a hidden world around us': with this incontrovertible statement the narrative ends (or more properly the research and analysis). Therefore not a 'novel' in the usual sense of narrative and description of facts, representation of a life and of real or possible events. Not a 'novel', but rather an expression and exposure of a deep conviction stated in the final and then through the whole work: 'There is a hidden world around us'.

This 'mystery' doesn't prevent the search, but arouses the will to observe and indeed explore reality. But what is the reality? The language used by the author is perfectly suited to the 'purpose' of the story, and it is therefore sometimes that of the real, common existence, experience daily; often it is the language of the inexpressible, the hidden, the possible misunderstanding of a reality 'other' and unapproachable by those who waste or theme that is not obvious or easily consolation in his absence problematic. Those who have read this novel, inevitably thinks to Kafka, Proust, Maupassant's 'Fantastic stories' and Pirandello. An extraordinary search - infinite - mysterious essence of 'reality'.


NELLY RELLINI ROSSI, Nelly Rellini Rossi, descendant of Parma's Rossi family, author of several collections of fairy tales.

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