"This story has to do with a gem and with his past ...

There is a hidden world around us. But you can only find out if you are really ready to experience the world of the titans ... "

Wallace is an happy family and among the most affluent in the quiet county of Armagh.

As long as the story does change.

A curse strikes when Martin Wallace is only three years. And his father disappears forever.


Ten years later, Martin is looking for the truth.

A Lord of Darkness would have bumped his father off for a gem.

Everything could be explained by what, long time ago, would have been built on the ground of Martin's house, in Mainmatch Road number 3. 

But nothing could ever happen without reading the book 'Emain Macha, the hidden truth'. Nothing could be discovered without seeking out the secret passages around lake Neagh. No trip could ever begin without passing through the Mirror-Time Cone which leads to the Land of Totnes. 

The truth is contained in a sacred gem.

Even on the people of Tworf hangs over a curse. Ther's something inexplicable that binds Martin to that distant past. Some missing ring from that past and his future: a prophecy and a lucky charm.

Why is the present already changing? Maybe due to the danger that is hanging over the people of Tworf?

Why Lord of Darkness is looking for him to kill him? Which building, long time ago, took the place of his home in Mainmatch Road?

Meanwhile Martin doesn't have enough time to dissolve three indecipherable enigmas. And he must do so before his thirteenth birthday.

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