Stephen Steers defines himself as an European citizen. He has held several senior roles in multinational companies, American, Japanese, French and Spanish, in twenty years of experience in the Information and Communication Technology sector.

He was born 45 years ago and has lived his childhood among his parents and maternal grandparents. Thanks to them he has been able to develop particular skills of altruism, respect for nature and passion for animals.

He graduated in Economics with an address in Management of Technology and Digital Change.

Curious and science enthusiast, he has soon realized that the charm and mystery that permeate a scientific reading are, in some ways, very similar to those found in a fantasy reading, where the inexplicable is explained by the imaginary like the mysteries - still unresolved within science - and even its fundamental laws can be deeply explained only by faith. Science and faith. Reality and mystery.

That's why, as a fervent scientific nonfiction reader, he has chosen the debut novel testing himself with a literary genre - the fantasy - that has been discovered with his two children and has revealed to be a real passion. Since childhood he has harboured a passion for writing, as student-journalist at the university magazine. But he has never imagined that writing could become an unconditional passion.

Stephen Steers is a lover of dogs. And since an adorable white-orange beagle has became part of the family and the passion of his two children, he couldn’t imagine how Scooby couldn’t be part of the protagonists of his novel.

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